Behind the List with Jay Hill of Bioscience Inc.

admin//June 5, 2017

Behind the List with Jay Hill of Bioscience Inc.

admin//June 5, 2017

With pollutants and other contributing factors potentially detrimental to the Earth, the need for environmental remediation firms is critical.

Here to answer this week’s “Behind the List” questions and shed light on the services provided by an environmental remediation firm is Jay Hill, sales manager of Bioscience Inc. in Hanover Township, Lehigh County, a company with plans for expansion.

Lehigh Valley Business: How long has Bioscience Inc. been operating in the region and what are its primary services?

Jay B. Hill: We are a more than 30-year-old company with origins from The Ben Franklin Technology Center here in the Lehigh Valley.

We manufacture and sell microbial products, as well as analytical instrumentation and re-agents used primarily in the wastewater treatment and bioremediation market. We also offer laboratory testing and consulting services to a variety of waste treatment operations, systems and environmental services.

LVB: What have been some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that Bioscience Inc. has encountered throughout its years in business?

Hill: We have grown into a global company with representation in more than 35 countries around the world. Managing that diversity is sometimes a challenge.

LVB: What have been some of the most notable projects the firm has completed on a local level? What are some projects that are currently underway or in the pipeline?

Zitrides: We have certainly provided our products and services to local municipalities and businesses, but we also have a worldwide distribution network that crosses over into many regions and markets around the world.

We manufacture more than 50 different microbial products that have applications in a wide variety of markets, including aquaculture, agriculture, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, commercial kitchen and restaurants and many others.

LVB: How does Bioscience directly stimulate the local economy? How does it get involved with the local communities?

Hill: Over the years, we have helped or assisted several local facilities and municipalities with the operation of their waste or wastewater treatment facilities.

We are also active members and frequent participants in several local and regional water, wastewater and environmental trade shows/exhibitions that are focused on protecting our water supply, waterways and the environment.

LVB: What does the future look like for Bioscience Inc.? Does it have plans for growth?

Hill: We are focused on growth with expansion of our distribution network into new countries like India and China, as well as future plans for moving our offices and manufacturing into a larger facility that will allow us to expand our production capability.