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Berks County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


213 N. Ninth St. Limited Liability Co. bought 213 N. Ninth St. from Hector L. Jr. and Ana Carrillo for $75,000. Parcel 09-5317-69-01-1409.

Julio Holguin bought 700 Schuylkill Ave. and a non-commercial parcel at 702 Schuylkill Ave. from Greenpath Tower LP for $137,000. Parcel 15-5307-56-44-0167.

Overlord RE Holdings LLVC bought 432 Schuylkill Ave. and two residential properties from Charles G. Haynes for $45,000. Parcel 06-5307-64-42-7583.

Hoang The Phan bought 1635 Centre Ave. from Murathan and Suna Hazer for $925,000. Parcel 14-5307-26-69-3316.

Yalani Janneth and Isata Saccoh bought 26 S. 10th St. from Foday Mohammed Kamara for $20,000. Parcel 03-5316-21-09-5901.

Antron Williams bought 413 N. Fifth St. from Leafar Lopez for $27,000. Parcel 07-5307-67-72-9643.

Sergio Avila and Sanchez Avila bought 1210 Perkiomen Ave. from Lunar Investments LLC for $50,000. Parcel 03-5316-22-19-7533.

Rodriguez Investments LLC bought 1110 and 1114 Allegheny Ave. from Carmen Molina for $24,000. Parcels 19-5307-46-15-7449 and 19-5307-46-15-7523.

Land Displays Inc. bought property along Morgantown Road from PBJ Partnership for $200,000. Parcel 18-5306-16-94-0014.

355 N. Eighth St. LLC bought 355 N. Eighth St. from Steven G. and Winsome Phillips for $106,000. Parcel 09-5307-76-92-5472.

Ramon and Karidy Diaz bought 536 N. Ninth St. from Fredi Prado and Luz Rivera, for $103,000. Parcel 11-5307-68-93-9335.

Opportunity Behavior Health Inc. bought 103 S. Fifth St. from John and Linda Turrisi for $80,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-79-9554.


OHM Ganesh Cottage Inn LLC bought 651 Ben Franklin Highway from Darnoc Group Inc. for 785,000. Parcel 24-5354-11-56-1629.


Barry and Cheryl Baus bought 428 Main St. from Claude and Geraldine Fritch for $154,900. Parcel 25-6309-09-15-8596.


Wyomissing Woodland Road LLC bought 960 Woodland Road from Regnis Realty for $975,000. Parcel 96-4397-15-63-5578.


Leander and Hanna Schildt bought 303 School Road and another property along School Road (with David and Jolene Zimmerman) for $310,000. They are parcels 30-3491-00-96-6397 and 30-4401-00-06-0122. Parcel 6397 was sold by Marvin and Mary Ann Gehman. Parcel 0122 was sold by Marvin and Mary Ann Gehman plus David and William Zimmerman.


Virbin Associates Inc. bought 2310 Fraver Drive from High Point Real Estate Group LP for $1.4 million. Parcel 66-5309-16-82-2985.


Bolder Properties LLC bought 3385 Main St. from Charles L. Fillman for $215,000. Parcel 73-5325-18-32-5294.


Stephen Unis Jr. bought 174 Lyons Road from Elizabeth L. Coffin for $72,000. Parcel 75-5452-04-61-9266-001.


JRL Lofts LLC bought two properties at 18 Catherine St. from Silk Mill Lofts LLC for $263,250 and $321,750. Parcels 77-4395-07-68-4086 and 77-4395-07-68-4086-C02.


Dennis P. Walters bought 16447 Pottsville Pike from James and Kimberly Spiece for $89,000. Parcel 94-4494-03-31-0988.


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