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Berks Real Estate Transactions

ACCB Reading RE LLC bought this Maidencreek Township property at 243 Snyder Road from Keystone Coca Cola Bottling Co. The sale price was $3,588,300.

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Priya & Shriva Realty LLC bought 195 Old Swede Road from PPS Co. LLC for $1.28 million. Parcel 24-5364-14-44-9605.


North 850 Holdings LLC bought 850 Wyomissing Blvd. from MCSIB Partnership for $900,000. Parcel 96-4397-20-81-1703.


ILM Real Estate LLC bought 487 White Oak Lane from Beissel Enterprises Inc. for $180,000. Parcel 27-4389-02-79-7188.


Lamar and Stephanie Longenecker bought 5898 Four Point Road from Jeffery and Donna Donkel for $85,000. Parcel 30-4422-00-47-9635.


Main 3108 LLC bought 3108 Main St. from Morgantown Garage Inc. for $300,000. Parcel 35-5310-16-94-5681.


Rush Law Group LLC bought property on Perkiomen Avenue from PNL Penn Properties LP for $15,000. Parcel 43-5325-08-97-6727.


Jon Simpson bought 335 State St. from Susan C. Prutzman for $120,000. Parcel 46-4495-17-00-8062.


East Penn Manufacturing Co. bought property on Main Street from Grande Land LP for $1.4 million. Parcel 59-5463-00-95-6553.

Alburtis Rod & Gun Club Inc. bought property on State Street from Barbara Karom for $425,000. Parcel 59-5483-13-12-0598.


ACCB Reading Real Estate LLC bought 243 Snyder Road from Keystone Coca Cola Bottling Co. for $3,588,300. Parcel 61-5410-06-29-7152.


Golden Bear Ventures Inc. bought 15080 W. Kutztown Road from Saraswati Inc. for $2 million. Parcel 63-5443-14-42-5528.


Reading Storage 212 W Windsor St LLC bought 511 Birch St. from Kevin D. and Krista Arentz for $48,000. Parcel 11-5317-62-13-9197.

Avel LLC bought 431 Walnut St. and 200 N. Fifth St. from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $325,000. Parcels 07-5307-75-71-6498 and 07-5307-75-71-7369.

Zapata Jaquez Real Estate LLC bought 1457 N. Ninth St. from Ramon and Yulis Carabello for $75,000. Parcel 17-5317-29-08-1307.

Lourdes Peralta Gogh bought 12 N. Ninth St. from Alvarino Carranza for $117,000. Parcel 08-5307-84-90-9440.

Sheri L. Clark LLC bought 1849 Cotton St. and 418 S. 19th St. from Edgar Centeno Sr. and Migdalia Rivera for $160,000. Parcels 16-5316-33-57-3755 and 16-5316-33-57-4731.

Ramon Artura bought 201 and 203 N. Eighth St. from Berth Haro for $270,000. Parcels 09-5307-76-91-5368 and 09-5307-76-91-5460.

Larry Briscoe bought 1201 Fidelity St. from Michael Scott Livinghouse and Donali Moyer for $12,000. Parcel 09-5317-70-12-6185.

Alejandro R. Tavera bought 17 N. Ninth St. from M&R Property Investment LP for $115,000. Parcel 08-5317-77-00-0985.

David F. and Dawn Leland bought 1711 Hampden Blvd. from Orange Stones Co. for $500,000. Parcel 17-5317-24-49-2609.

Juan Zabala bought 211 N. Sixth St. from Perdo Peguere for $50,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-81-5500.

Windsor Way Holdings LLC bought 150 Douglass St. from Maria and Jovan Rivera for $70,000. Parcel 15-5307-59-54-9585.

Reading Storage 212 W Windsor St. LLC bought 741 Church St. from RMK Realty LLC for $115,000. Parcel 14-5307-59-84-2308.

Martha Roman bought 536 N. 10th St. from Grecia Rodriguez for $42,000. Parcel 11-5317-61-03-4377.

Lefar Lopez bought 413 N. Fifth St. from Wells Fargo Bank NA for $20,000. Parcel 07-5307-67-72-9643.


Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad Co. bought 479 Main St. from Robert Heenan/Danese Thomas Trust for $175,000. Parcel 72-5423-05-19-5981.

Park Road Estates LLC bought two properties on Park Road from Park Place Court LLC for $610,000. Parcels 72-5431-17-11-6574 and 72-5431-17-11-7537.


Rebecca Quell and Tara Oxenreider bought 529 E. Lancaster Ave. from Robert J. Jr. and Kiyoko Teller for $153,500. Parcel 77-5306-17-00-0381.


Fritztown Road LLC bought 601R Fritztown Road from East Coast Steelfab LLC for $500,000. Parcel 80-4376-19-60-3823.


Atlantis Business Ventures Inc. bought 140 Barto Road from 140 Barto Road Realty LP for $290,000. Parcel 89-5399-04-52-7301.


Kim and David Shefter bought 3557 Old Route 22 from Robert and Elizabeth Seidel for $150,000. Parcel 94-4495-18-31-9759.


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