Crayola crayons are now all ‘green’

Stacy Wescoe//September 15, 2020

Crayola crayons are now all ‘green’

Stacy Wescoe//September 15, 2020//

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Crayola has reached its goal of 100% renewable energy use. PHOTO/SUBMITTED –


No matter which color you choose, your Crayola crayon will be green.

The Forks Township-based manufacturer of crayons and other art supplies said it is now using 100% renewable energy for its operations.

The company is also celebrating the tenth anniversary of its solar farm. The 20-acre solar farm includes more than 33,000 panels and produces enough energy to make 3 billion crayons and 700 million markers each year.

Partnering with Energy Power Partners, UGI, Baltimore County Renewable Energy Project, Lancaster County Waste Management, and state and local governments, this year Crayola reached its goal of 100% renewable energy.

“Our legacy of sustainability began when the company harnessed the power of the Bushkill Creek to generate electricity to manufacture slate pencils and chalk in the early 1900s,” said Pete Ruggiero, COO at Crayola. “Over the past ten years, we have been able to manufacture 10 billion crayons and 7 billion markers with the power of the sun.”

The company is marketing its renewable energy use on its products. A note on each box of crayons lets customers know that it was made with solar power.