First Commonwealth now accepting Dominican, Mexican I.D.s

Stacy Wescoe//March 28, 2023

First Commonwealth now accepting Dominican, Mexican I.D.s

Stacy Wescoe//March 28, 2023//

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First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union is working to make itself more inclusive. 

The Trexlertown-based credit union said it will now accept the Cédula de Identidad y Electoral card (the Dominican national identity card) as a form of acceptable identification to open new member accounts. 

The move makes First Commonwealth the first credit union in the Lehigh Valley to accept both the Matrícula Consular and the Cédula cards. The aim is to make banking more accessible for the underserved and underbanked members of our communities. 

The Cédula card is a photo identification card issued to all Dominican citizens and legal United States residents. It contains an 11-digit number that uniquely identifies the holder on a national level.  

The Matrícula Consular, which First Commonwealth has accepted since 2021, is a photo identification card that is issued by the Mexican government to Mexican citizens who reside outside of Mexico as a valid proof of identification, 

 Both forms of ID are now accepted at all 12 First Commonwealth locations throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley and Warren County, New Jersey, as well as for establishing membership through its digital banking platform. 

 These alternate forms of identification allow Mexican and Dominican immigrants to take advantage of asset-building opportunities that are otherwise not accessible to them.   

Without the required identification, it is nearly impossible for these individuals to open a bank account, establish credit, build their savings, or obtain a loan.  

“Our credit union’s footprint encompasses many individuals within this population. By First Commonwealth accepting these cards, we are not only providing these citizens with access to essential financial services, but we are empowering them on their pursuit of financial happiness, as this opens the door for them to obtain stable housing, reliable transportation, and in many cases, moving funds to relatives living in their native country,” said James Gagliano, chief experience officer for First Commonwealth.