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Five to thrive: ‘Must-brings’ to marketing agency meeting

Knowing what to bring to a meeting with your marketing agency is almost as important as why you are meeting in the first place.

Whether you are scoping out a new agency or kicking

off a project with your existing one, arming yourself with

the right stuff can help set the stage

for a productive meeting.

And by stuff, we don’t mean

just your computer and calendar,

although those things will help.

We’re talking about the tangible

and intangible things you should have

“collected” before running out the

door, so that you know what to expect,

what questions may be asked and

how to answer them.

There are five things to bring to any meeting with a

marketing agency, whether it be for the first time or for an

annual contract renewal.


This may seem obvious, but it’s important to bring all

previous marketing efforts. This means brochures, trade

show banners, past iterations of your logo, your website

and search engine optimization strategy.

The sky’s the limit.

Even if your past or existing efforts do not reflect your

current brand, it can help guide the conversation in the

right direction. What do you want to say with your brand

and why doesn’t this example showcase it?

The more information you can bring to the meeting

about past efforts, the easier it is to track what was successful

and where marketing fell short.


This may seem like a bunch of fluff, but I assure you

it is not. Starting a meeting by saying that you will never

again do search marketing or that you do not need a new

website, based on unsuccessful past efforts, is not going

to allow necessary progress to happen.

There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money on

poorly managed marketing. However, just because it did

not work for you in the past doesn’t mean it never will.

Keeping an open mind to an agency’s recommendations

is key to learning how your brand can grow moving forward.

Creative marketing done correctly is a powerful thing.


Goals are extremely important to identify and discuss

with your marketing team. Identifying goals gives a clear

picture of how you define success.

Using these goals in tandem with previous efforts gives

the marketing agency a starting point and clear achievement


These are not just marketing goals. Your agency also wants

to know your business goals, brand goals and sales goals.

The entire picture is needed to help drive a successful,

holistic marketing strategy.


Being honest about your budget, and how much flexibility

it has, can help drive marketing efforts that

really sell your business.

A good agency should be on the side of the business.

It should have a good grasp of how much money will be

needed to get the job done well.

Bringing your budget to the table and discussing realistically

how much you can spend will allow for sound

marketing that works.


Transparency may seem like an abstract thing to bring

to a meeting, but it helps establish trust in the relationship

with your agency. This means the willingness to

provide a marketing team with accurate information and

honest opinions.

What do you really like? What do you not like? What

budget do you really have set aside to achieve this? Can

this be stretched it if it proves to be worthwhile? Does

your vision match the marketing agency’s vision?

An open and honest dialogue is vital for success.

Remember, a good marketing team wants to be your


When you arrive prepared for your meetings, you will both

provide valuable information and ensure that your visions

and goals are aligned, building the trust needed to thrive.


John Mulder is managing partner at 3Seed Marketing,

Design & Interactive in Schnecksville. He focuses on

developing marketing strategies and creative campaigns

while keeping an eye on emerging marketing trends. He

can be reached at [email protected] or 484-


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