Jaindl grandson inspires poppin’ new A-Treat flavor

Stacy Wescoe//October 9, 2020

Jaindl grandson inspires poppin’ new A-Treat flavor

Stacy Wescoe//October 9, 2020

Jace Jaindl holds up a can of the bubble gum-flavored soda he inspired. PHOTO/SUBMITTED


A-Treat soda has had some unusual flavors during its more than 100-year history, with flavors ranging from grapefruit to blue.

But its latest flavor isn’t a dig into its past, but a whole new treat.

The Jaindl family, which acquired the iconic Allentown soda brand in 2015 after the Allentown company went out of business, actually took a cue from one of their youngest members for the brand’s newest soda flavor. Six-year-old Jace Jaindl, who is Jake Jaindl’s son, is a huge bubble gum fan and asked grandpa, David Jaindl, if he would make him a bubble gum-flavored soda.

“My Dad said, ‘we’ll try it and see how it goes,’” said Luke Jaindl, Jace’s uncle and manager of A-treat.

The company tried a few formulations, found one they all liked and decided to move forward with the new flavor.

Luke Jaindl, said when his family took over the brand they were trying to tap into a niche that appealed to those looking for unique flavor experiences from micro-producers, like A-Treat.

The idea of a bubble gum-flavored soda, and the fact that it was inspired by a young child, seemed to fit that plan.

“It’s kind of a cool thing – a 6-year-old came out with the idea for bubble gum soda and launched it,” Jaindl said.

He said he wasn’t too surprised by Jace’s suggestion. He said his nephew is a huge bubble gum fan.

“His life’s goal is to own his own candy store,” Jaindl said.

The new A-Treat flavor launched Oct. 8.

Right now the bubble gum-flavored A-Treat soda is available at Render’s, Boyer’s and Ahart’s markets as well as the Jaindl store in Orefield.

But will the family go wider with the new flavor?

“We’ll see how the sales go,” Jaindl said. “It could be a limited edition or it could take off.”

Still, Luke Jaindl has confidence in his nephew’s idea. He thinks there will be enough people of all ages that will want to try the unique flavor and that the company hasn’t blown it, with its bubble gum soda.