Medical supply business uses electronic platform to streamline service

Cris Collingwood//September 16, 2022

Medical supply business uses electronic platform to streamline service

Cris Collingwood//September 16, 2022

COVID-19 threw the world into stay-at-home mode, creating the need for online communication. 

Robert Robinson –

A young company, Gaboro Medical Supply in Stroudsburg, found that to be true and is now using a relatively new platform, Tomorrow Health, to electronically get the information it needs. 

Robert Robinson, co-owner of the business launched in June 2019, said his company had to adapt to the digital platform to deliver care to patients and coordinate among professional providers and suppliers quickly as the pandemic hit. 

“Typically, we would have sales reps go to doctors’ offices to work with us to get patients the medical supplies they needed,” Robinson said.  

Tomorrow Health was founded to improve the medical supply industry and is partnered with Geisinger Health System to help coordinate home healthcare supplies for members to ensure that the process of securing medical equipment is simple and quick, according to Tomorrow Health. 

“We are getting orders to patients within 24 to 48 hours. We get document authorization right on the platform,” he said, which has increased order volume by about 50%. 

The company, which specializes in diabetics monitors, has a national footprint but strives to keep a local feel.  

“We want to keep a mom-and-pop feel because most of our competitors are national,” he said. “Customers like to know they can call and talk to someone who understands what they are going through.” 

COVID shifted Gaboro’s business in a good way, Robinson said. “Doctors put orders in through Tomorrow Health, then we call the patient to see if it is okay with them and send the equipment they need,” Robinson said. 

“Our intake process is streamlined so we only have two people in that department,” he said, adding typically it would require five to 10. “We are now centralized so we can manage everything in the intake portal. No more paperwork.” 

“Most of our staff reside on the reorder side where they troubleshoot, refill prescriptions and make sure people adhere to their therapy,” Robinson said. He employs about 23 people. 

The bottom line, he said, “is we can speed up care by streamlining the process. We would like to be like Amazon – we are not same day delivery, but we are close.”