Mold Medics looks to expand with franchising

Cris Collingwood//November 16, 2022

Mold Medics looks to expand with franchising

Cris Collingwood//November 16, 2022//

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Mold Medics worker removing mold from a basement – PHOTO/PROVIDED

A Pittsburgh-based indoor air quality company is looking to expand into Southcentral Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

Tim Swackhammer, founder and CEO of Mold Medics said he is looking to franchise the business to improve indoor air quality for homeowners across the state and offer opportunities to those looking to own their own business.

Tim Swackhammer

“We are currently franchising in Beaver, Mercer and Lawrence counties and are looking to grow east,” he said.

Franchisees will get certification from Mold Medics approved air quality schools and then work with the Mold Medics team to learn how to run and promote the business. Swackhammer said franchisees will also be taught Mold Medics remediation techniques.

“We are looking to stay within Pennsylvania so we can grow at a rate that will allow us to support franchisees and get them up and running quickly and effectively,” he said.

Mold Medics works primarily with homeowners, but does commercial work as well, Swackhammer said.

“We remove mold, do air duct cleaning and radon work,” he said, explaining that different from a restoration company, his company works with homeowners who have not had major losses due to a fire or other event.

“We deal with the issues that cause people to have health issues,” Swackhammer said. “Pennsylvania has high levels of radon and unlike mold, it is odorless, colorless and impossible to detect without testing. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer.”

Swackhammer said since the pandemic, radon and mold issues have affected people more because they have stayed home, worked from home and their children are spending more time at home.

“Usually, people find out they have mold when they start not feeling well,” he said. “Mold can be anywhere in the house.”

Swackhammer said anywhere water intrudes will create mold. “It lives on dead organic matter, and we build our houses out of those materials. Anywhere you see cracked or peeling paint or bulging trim, you probably have mold because water causes those issues.”

Swackhammer said he decided to franchise the business because he’s been in franchising in other industries and his father found success in a franchise.

“When we were young, things were tough. But thanks to the franchising opportunity, my father was able to provide us with a better life and now we want to bring that success to others,” he said.