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Northampton County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Northampton County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Fairchild Rental Properties bought 11 S. Main St. from Emlyn Evans Post 378 for $30,000. Parcel E9NE2D-8-3.


Easton Management LLC bought 1401 Easton Ave. from John McGeehan for $460,000. Parcel N6SE3A-6-14.

Livingston Street bought 1858-1872 Livingston St. from 1858 Livingston Street LLC for $1,317,500. Parcel N7NW1B-5-19.

Livingston Street LLC bought 1542-1544 Geraldine St. from 1542 Geraldine LLC for $722,000. Parcel N7SW1B-9-2A.

Dennis Connell bought 719 N. New St. from Frank Kuplen for $250,000. Parcel P6NE1A-25-14.

574 Main Street LLC bought 574-78 Main St. from Assergi LLC for $2.1 million. Parcel P6NE1D-10-13.

Little Town LLC bought property on Easton Road from River Birch Realty LLC for $2.325 million. Parcel P7-22-2A. Industrial.

Acorn Estates LLC bought 1629 E. Ninth St. from Lehigh Valley Ventures for $85,000. Parcel P7SW1C-2-6.


PAJ Commercial bought 4260 Nazareth Pike from Samuel Rosenfeld for $180,000. Parcel L7-11-22.


North Easton LLC bought 50-54 S. Second St. from Vasil Hlinka for $890,000. Parcel L9SE2B-8-9.

Edwin Lozano bought 394 W. Berwick St. from Easton National Bank and Trust Co. for $91,000. Parcel L9SE3D-25-20.

Ziba Monfared bought 124 N. 14th St. from Dominick Raso for $175,000. Parcel L9SW2B-7-4.


James Dawson bought 901 Main St. from Buckley Enterprises LLC for $335,000. Parcel Q7SW2A-7-22.


FAS Properties bought property on Delaware Drive from Blessing on the River LLC for $180,000. Parcel J10NW1-3-5.


Brian Swarat bought 335 S. Broad St. from Miklos Molnar for $160,000. Parcel J7SE3D-17-4.

Rite Aid Pennsylvania Inc. bought 102 Nazareth Road from Howard Kohler for $700,000. Parcel K7-5-3.


Joshua Gibbons bought property on Main Street from 245 S. Main St. Pen Argyl LLC for $22,500. Parcel E8NE2B-4-5.


Equipto Real Estate LLC bought two properties industrial on Main Street and two properties zoned commercial on Main Street for $4.85 million from Tatamy 225 Main Street Limited Partnership. Parcels J8SE3C-4-1, J9SW1D-1-1, J8SW1D-3-2 and J9SW1D-7-1.


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