St. Luke’s University Health Network joins strategic alliance

Cris Collingwood//February 15, 2022

St. Luke’s University Health Network joins strategic alliance

Cris Collingwood//February 15, 2022


St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) has joined a strategic alliance among health system investors that will help it connect with the latest health care innovations. 

SLUHN joined the Health System Innovation Council (HSIC), Nashville, Tenn., and Caduceus Capital Partners’ digital health investment model this week.  

As part of the partnership, SLUHN receives access to Caduceus Capital Partners’ robust deal flow, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with new companies and peers to develop products that fit specific needs within the system.  

“HSIC is an opportunity for health systems to find and operationalize the latest healthcare innovations to fit their specific needs”, said Katie Schlacter, founder and principal of Schlacter Consulting, who provides communications and marketing services for Caduceus Captial Partners. 

 “This collaboration with Caduceus Capital Partners will allow us access to the top innovators in the field and bring the best in digital health technologies to our patients,” said Chad Brisendine, vice president and CIO, SLUHN.  

Health systems that join the HSIC are investing in the Caduceus Capital Partners venture capital fund. In exchange for their investment, health systems get the opportunity to: 

  • Access innovations that fit specific strategic imperatives, fill critical gaps, and address pain points within their specific health system. 
  • Strategically align with early-stage entrepreneurs that bring strong value propositions and end-to-end solutions. 
  • Gain expert guidance, venture capital insights and access to an extensive portfolio of early-stage digital health companies for both direct and co-investment opportunities.  

SLUHN will play an active role in influencing Caduceus Capital Partners investments by representing the voice of the customer, Schlacter said. 

 “Caduceus Capital Partners is in the unique position to make important connections and implement much-needed innovations in healthcare. With the HSIC, our portfolio companies can accelerate testing, scaling and adoption efforts of their products and have a greater impact in the market,” said Scott Kolesar, managing partner, Caduceus Capital Partners. 

 The HSIC offers investment sourcing and industry relationships across the U.S., while bringing together leading companies with demonstrated experience in providing digital health solutions to millions of Americans.  

“All of our 17,000-plus employees are focused on one mission: to provide excellent patient care where our patients need it the most,” said Matthew Fenty, director of innovation and strategic partnerships, SLUHN. “We’re excited that the HSIC will make new tools and resources available to help us fulfill that goal.”   

Caduceus Capital Partners is actively seeking additional health systems from around the country to join this strategic alliance.