Berks County internet provider expands to Williamsport area

FastBridge Fiber, a fiber-optic internet company based in Wyomissing, has begun expansion of its network to the Greater Williamsport region, and will start construction in Bloomsburg and Danville in the coming weeks.

The first residential and business customers in these areas will begin connecting to FastBridge’s 100% fiber-optic network this summer.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our network to the City of Williamsport, the town of Bloomsburg and the Danville borough,” CEO Eric Warren said in a release. “These are great communities that have not had access to fast, fiber internet and broadband competition. Like power and water, access to fast, reliable internet is a necessity for our daily lives.” FastBridge Fiber offers internet speeds from 500 Megabits up to 2 Gigabits over its a brand-new fiber internet network. Its internet is symmetrical, with the same upload and download speeds, “which provides a better experience for streaming, gaming, and working or learning from home,” the release said.

Paula Wolf is a freelance writer