Veteran CPA launches financial-coaching practice

Kindra Walker –

After a career working for Fortune 500 companies and serving as adjunct business faculty member at Lehigh University and Muhlenberg College, an Allentown CPA is now using her expertise to help individuals, families and small business get their finances together.

Kindra Walker has begun work as a financial coach, opening Tremont Financial Coaching in Upper Macungie Township.

Walker, who is a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master, a Ramsey Preferred Coach and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, said her goal is to help people and businesses make smart money choices so they can think about savings or growth.

“We call it intentional spending, making sure people understand the implications of their choices,” she said.

The process is about learning to make choices that are right for a family. Do they need to spend $200 a month on their cable bill? Or can some of that be trimmed and used to pay off credit card debt? Other issues include the timing of withdrawals from an IRA, which could have serious tax implications if not handled properly.

Walker isn’t offering financial adviser services and doesn’t tell people where to invest their money, but rather how they can put together the “nuts and bolts of a budget” to ensure they are achieving their goals.

As a separate part of her business, she helps people going through a divorce handle the financial challenges that can follow, helping clients decide what their priorities are with regards to settlement.

“You can say, ‘I want the house,’ OK, but that’s going to leave you with no cash,” Walker said. “I want the person to know what their financial life is going to look like after the divorce, and prepare.”

She wants her clients to understand that budgeting is vital.

“A budget is a roadmap for your financial future, the building blocks for money management that brings results,” Walker said. “It’s how you can win with your money.”