Mack demonstrates all-electric garbage truck

A day after announcing it would lay off more than 300 workers, Mack Trucks was able to show off what may be a vehicle of the future.

Unveiled in May, Mack held a demonstration on its Allentown customer care campus to show off the new Mack LR Electric, a fully electric version of the Mack LR refuse model.

The demonstration was for the Department of Sanitation of the City of New York, which will begin real-world testing the truck in the second quarter of this year.

Mack Trucks today demonstrated the Mack LR Electric, a fully electric version of the Mack LR refuse model, to officials from the New York City Department of Sanitation at its Allentown, Mack Customer Center. 

The truck was driven around a test course set up on Mack Truck’s test track to show the maneuverability it would have on city streets.

The demonstration model will be used at the city’s Brooklyn North 1 garage where it will be tested on a local collection route.

“As a Department, we are committed to finding ways to become even cleaner and greener, and we are excited to be able to test this all electric ‘first’ – for both Mack Trucks and for the City of New York,” said Kathryn Garcia, commissioner of the New York Sanitation Department.

The truck will be evaluated for such things as operating range, payload capacity, regenerative braking performance and the overall functionality.

“New York City has a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by the year 2035. DSNY along with our more than 6,000 vehicles will play a major role as we push toward that goal,” said Rocky DiRico, deputy commissioner. “We’re looking at all kinds of technologies to help us achieve that reduction.”

DSNY is the world’s largest sanitation department, collecting more than 12,000 tons of refuse and recyclables daily.