KidsPeace launches health care management consulting practice

KidsPeace, a Schnecksville-based national provider of behavioral and mental health services for children, has launched a new consulting practice.

Spyglass Solutions will offer health care and other organizations guidance with operations, management and the regulatory environment.

Spyglass will draw on the expertise of KidsPeace’s own experts as well as other leaders in the behavioral and mental health field.

KidsPeace vice president, Patrick Slattery, will be extending his leadership responsibilities to include leading the team at Spyglass.

“KidsPeace’s understanding of the health care marketplace extends over decades, and that gives us an expertise base that can be of great use to a wide range of other organizations,” Slattery said. “The industry leadership represented by the Spyglass team of consultants will provide our clients in health care and other fields with truly remarkable advantages in their competitive environment in the future.”

Spyglass Solutions will offer clients high-level training and advice across a range of functions, including clinical services, business operations, sustainability practices, staff recruiting and development, information technology, financial management, fundraising strategy, and infrastructure planning.