Pennsylvania launches online lottery ticket sales

Pennsylvanians can now play the lottery online. 

No more schlepping to the mini market,  Pennsylvanians can now buy their lottery tickets online.

As the Pennsylvania Lottery works to expand its online offerings consumers tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games can be made on its website, www.PaiLottery.com, or app.

The Lottery launched online gaming in 2018 with online versions of scratch-off games and Keno.

“Selling lottery online is a big part of our effort to appeal to new customers and meet our players where they already are — which is online,” said Drew Svitko, executive director of the Pa. Lottery.

Lottery officials said the online play will be similar to going to a retailer to purchase tickets.

Players will be able to choose their own numbers or select the “quick pick” option to receive randomly selected numbers. Players also have the option to purchase multiple tickets and to buy tickets up to 26 drawings, or 13 weeks, in advance.

Of course the new offering begs the question, how will online sales hurt the retailers which lottery players currently go to buy their tickets. While opinions may differ, one lottery merchant who spoke with Lehigh Valley Business, wasn’t overly concerned.

“I don’t think it will have a huge impact,” said Dwight Taylor, whose family owns the Taylor Family Mini Markets in Bethlehem.

While there is foot traffic from people coming in to specifically purchase lottery tickets, those customers tend not to buy other things while in the store, he said.

Stores make their money when customers win, and he said while it is revenue it’s not something most retailers count on for “livelihood.”